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The guys got it done this week.

I installed the glass doors in the front of the building this weekend.

This is the pit and shop side of the building, you can see the plumbing drain pipes sticking up in the back. This will be ready for the concrete by the end of the week.

This is the future track. I can almost see it now

Life is all about learning experiences. Right?
I was grading around the outside of the building this weekend and Saturday I drove over the hole that was dug to get rid of the extra water in the footer. I was a little to close to the building and started the slide that would take me the rest of the weekend to get out of. I had to have another bobcat come in and dig me out. No thanks to the neighbor landscape company across the street. I had to have someone drive about 1.5 hours moving equipment, when the neighbor could have got me out in 10 minutes. I don't think that is very neighborly. If you need work done I would highly recommend Outdoor Expression's - who has gone out of there way to help me. They rent me the bobcat on the weekends and have offered me other equipment too.

Here you can see the whole that sucked me in. It is off to the left in this picture and was created to allow the water to drain off. It is probably about 5 feet deep in this picture. When it was backfilled it had some water in it and the land is wet as it is. Most of that side of building is very muddy and I simply sunk.