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This would have to be the day from hell. Monday I had the trenches dug for the sewer and gas lines. We hit a spring on the sewer line and I had to rent a 3" pump to keep up with the water. The problem with this was that the pump would only run about 3 1/2 hours before it ran out of fuel. So I slept in my car Monday night to keep adding fuel to the thing, I can tell you I am not 16 again and did not sleep very well. 

Tuesday Don helped me run some sewer line to the building - it was a lot easier with two people!. The only part that was difficult was that the sewer line was 10' deep at the road and I had them taper the sides in for about 50' off the road. That left about 100' that was 8' deep and 2' wide that needed pipe glued in place. What a scary scenario to have 8' of earth around you that could collapse at any moment. I actually glued the pipe up on the ground and lowered it in sections - but still Scary!

That is a lot of Pipe!


Here is the form for the concrete ready to go.

The channel you see is to support the second story - hopefully some time this summer.