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This is one of my mistakes I have made so far. I paid a landscape company $400 to level the building area, he wanted $700. I could have rented a bulldozer for $500 and done it myself. I later learned that most of what he moved I had to move back to level the building area. Live and learn!

I was at the site very early this morning when the steel got delivered. The truckers and me waited for the sun to come up.

Corle building systems has been good to work with, I did pay a little more for the building but they actually manufacture the building themselves rather than broker it out. They also let me get by with a $2500 deposit until I released the building for production, and the lead time was about 5 weeks less than other companies. Although I don't think that mattered as I had to push the building back as I was waiting on approval form the York county conservation district for the erosion and sedimentation control plan, this held up the building permit. Then I had to wait for the bank and the commercial appraisal.........

I finally got the building permit!!! What a long process. Now I know why developers make so much money!


Elvin Groff got the building unloaded, but the ground got a little soft until the last piece of steel was off the trucks.