Bumps and Jumps RC Speedway


Winter Offroad Point Series

Best 7 out of 10


My personal view on points, In previous years we had point series run each week like most tracks are accustomed too, last year however we had a schedule of point race days with one throw out. This made the points much closer at years end and not necessarily won by the person who showed up every week. While I certainly appreciate all of you who support me every week, I want to make this years point series one that if you win will be something of value to you and give you bragging rights. I have decided on dates, which should work for most of us that will work around the holidays and other large races going on in the winter. The point series will consist of 10 races with 3 throw outs - making it the best 7 races out of 10. This should allow you to miss a week or two and not be punished in points, therefore allowing the most consistent weekly finisher to be declared the winner. I truly feel this will be a point series which should lend itself to one of the closest point battles ever, and look forward to hearing the competitive talk like we had last year only get better. Good luck to all of you!