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I have noticed a trend in the dirt oval market that was actually brought to my attention last year by a lifelong rc member that has taught me about the past history of RC and the collapse of pan car and the related shops and tracks. Did you know there used to be many places like bumps and jumps all over the country that are now extinct! One of the large reason for their failure was a lack of profit to pay the bills. One of the reasons for the lack of profit was because there were many manufacturers that offered nearly everyone special deals, or in some cases manufacturers survived with there own race teams. These manufacturers went to market direct to the racer and cut the shops and tracks out of the loop. The tracks suffered because suddenly they were not making enough profit selling tires or parts as so many racers had "deals". This same trend is alive and well and has really gained growth over the last few years in dirt oval. I understand this is probably based on economics however the manufacturers would be wise to look at past history and understand without tracks they wouldn't have racers to market to in the first place. So based on this information the following rule is now in place.

Companies or individuals who operate for profit, large, small, or bartered are prohibited from asking for business, exchanging goods or money, or having materials or merchandise dropped off while on the property of bumps and jumps. This does not apply to any hobbyist selling there used items, hopefully a new person buys your stuff and we have another new racer. This also does not mean you cannot still make a profit from painting, manufacturing tires, chassis, etc. in bumps and jumps, I would simply ask that you come to me and see if it is something I can promote in the shop so that I may profit as well. This is after all a business for me, and those of you in this business know how hard it is to survive, especially with my overhead. If we were all making so much money this wouldn't even be an issue. I ask you to conduct and promote your business elsewhere, (Dirtoval.com is a great way), any person or company violating these rules will be asked to permanently leave the premises. In the past this has happened and will not happen in the future, either for a weekly show or a large venue race. Specifically the most common things I have seen in the past are trips to the car to exchange cash or merchandise, competing hobby shops business cards left out, manufacturers discussing that they will work out a deal with them.  This seems to be more of a problem at the USOW and Freeze. These races are are the place to promote your business by succeeding on the race track, not seeing how much merchandise you can unload out the back door. Wouldn’t this be like taking a Kmart truck to the Wal-Mart parking lot and trying to sell merchandise? So for the larger races I would be more than happy, and probably excited to retail your products on consignment through the shop. Please have your merchandise header tagged or ready for retail sale. and please have merchandise price structure sheets available, so that we both know where profit margins are, also these things should be worked out long before the actual big race. Please contact me for details, I am more than happy to work anything out with anyone or any manufacturer. I am easy to get along with and would probably like the opportunity to help grow dirt oval together, instead of against each other!