All About Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

A commercial refrigerator is essential for your restaurant as it cools all your drinks and groceries perfectly. For this reason, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your device between regular service visits. You can also look for the best commercial refrigeration cleaning via

So what do you need to do regularly? Here are some helpful tips for maintaining a commercial refrigerator to keep your device clean and functioning.

  1. Clean the inside and outside one by one

Try to schedule a complete cleaning of your whole refrigeration unit every week or every two weeks. Remove the item from the inside and place it in another device or a temporary cooler. 

Using a soft brush, wash the shelves and facades with warm water and a soap or vinegar solution. If you can get the drawers and shelves out, soak them briefly and rinse while you clean them.

  1. Check the air filter regularly

Grease and dust from your fryers and grills can also cause problems with the air filter of your commercial refrigerator. Large build-ups can prevent proper air ventilation inside the device, so regular cleaning is essential. 

Remove any dust or dirt with a powerful vacuum cleaner and use a cleaning solution to remove thick grease. Refer to your device’s service manual for instructions on how to properly lower the filter.

Contact your local Authorized Service Center who will be able to assist you with this particular appliance and all of your commercial kitchen equipment.