All about GM Airbag Lawsuit

It is difficult to keep track of all the vehicle recalls that have occurred in recent years. It can take many years to file a personal injury case based on a defect in a recalled vehicle.

You may recall that GM recalled 1.18 million vehicles in 2014 due to switches that caused airbags to fail to deploy. However, before the recall, many people suffered serious injuries in car accidents due to their airbags not protecting them.

If you are a victim, then you can also hire a lawyer for a GM airbag lawsuit online.

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Many of these victims have decided to sue GM for personal injury. Although the first lawsuit was dismissed recently, this does not mean other victims should lose hope of receiving compensation.

Lawsuit dismissed due to errors by plaintiff:

Robert Scheuer was the first GM Airbag Injury case before a judge. Scheuer is a postal worker who claimed he sustained neck, back, and head injuries after his vehicle's airbag failed. 

Scheuer and his wife also testified that the accident caused them great hardship. Scheuer and his wife claimed that Scheuer suffered memory impairments after the accident, which eventually led to Scheuer losing their dream home.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit because Scheuer's fraudulent acts called into question all of his statements and evidence.

Are you a victim of an accident? :

It is important to seek professional assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt in any type of accident. It is important that you listen to your attorney.

It is important to accurately and fully describe the injury, along with supporting documentation.