All about Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

You are reading what you see below in conjunction with our article "How do I get started with yoga?" That article discussed the many questions that beginners have and why we think Sun Salutations are a great starting point.

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What is a Sun Salutation, you ask?

Sun Salutation refers to a series or sequence of poses that are performed in a specific order to create movement. It's a form of meditation that involves moving. Every pose corresponds to your breathing. Exhale to stretch, inhale to bend.

Sun salutations are a great way to heat up the body. Don't let the simplicity of each pose fool you. Repeating a sun salutation several times will get your heart pumping and increase your energy.

Vinyasa flows are based on sun salutations. These are the basics of vinyasa flow. You will be able to repeat them many times in every class.

They are an excellent way to get started on your physical yoga journey.

What are the benefits of Sun Salutations?

  • Energy and awareness levels increase
  • Increases blood circulation
  • It helps to build strength and flexibility
  • Helps lengthen & tone muscles
  • Unwind your mind and body

What are the sun salutations?

You will find many variations of Sun Salutations if you search for them. This immediately puts your brain in question mode, causing confusion.