Best Easy House Extensions

Since the year 1970, converting a loft is now a requirement for all homeowners, in order to get an increase in the value of their home, an extension to the house and that's all with small modifications.

A second bathroom or bedroom that has a long staircase is the ideal option every homeowner would like. Dormer windows or roof lights which encase the natural sunlight could be stunning for the house extension plan. You can also look for the top terraced house extensions online.


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The second more useful method of getting a house plan with increased floor space, increase in house value, without constructing over your garden, is over the garage. 

Further bedrooms, or a gym, or a study can be easily built over a garage; without even building a long staircase, which is compulsory for a Loft conversion. One more plus point is that no foundation cost will be required, and the extension will be legal also.

Just a simple idea of getting increased value to their homes, a prolonged dwelling in the same place, more space, and much more makes them run for getting an extension; whereas, certain information needs to be analyzed regarding the extension before getting all pumped up. 

Even if you are going for an extension that was permitted by the local authorities during the paperwork of the original house; simply go and have a go through at the local authorities office to check whether it's still a valid option or not.