Courses You Can Take In A Dental Nurse Degree

Dental nursing courses offer students a variety of options when it comes to what they can specialize in. There are courses that focus on the prevention and care of oral health, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems. 

In most cases, dental nursing courses teach students how to assess patients’ oral health needs, administer treatments and provide support to patients during their visits to the dentist. Some dental nursing programs also include coursework in public health and epidemiology.

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What are the major areas of study for a dental nurse?

Dental nursing courses cover a variety of topics, from general nursing concepts to more specific knowledge about dentistry. In general, dental nurses learn about the care of patients with oral health issues, including oral cancer and gum disease. 

They also may learn how to perform dental procedures such as fillings and tooth extractions. Some dental nurses may specialize in one area of dentistry, such as oral surgery or periodontics.

The National Association of Dental Nurses (NADN) provides a comprehensive list of topics that may be covered in a dental nursing course.

This list includes the following: 

-Anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity

-Dentistry and oral health care

-Dentist procedures

-Oral cancer care


-Fracture repair

Salary and career options

Dental nurses have a variety of career options, including working in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. The average salary for a dental nurse is $56,000 per year. Dental nurses typically work full-time, but there are also part-time and freelance positions available. Dental nurses may need certification or licensing before they can work in certain positions.