Different Therapies Used In Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors apply various physical techniques to treat their patients. The principle of chiropractic is to improve the person's overall health condition. Chiropractors advocate the use of noninvasive and nonsurgical techniques in dealing with various health conditions.

There is a certain skill level required to perform these techniques with the right amount of pressure. Chiropractors know when to apply a specific technique, and how to apply it. You can visit this site to have more information about chiropractic services.

Chiropractors also employ various other therapeutic methods, such as:

  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation: Using electrodes, electrical pulses are sent through various parts of the body to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, and relieve pain.

  • Exercise. Chiropractors can recommend specific exercises to help strengthen and stretch the back.

  • Massage. Chiropractors may use massage on the soft tissues surrounding the spine, helping to improve blood flow, reduce swelling, and loosen the muscles around the spine.

  • Dietary management. Many chiropractors may provide nutritional advice to help promote healing and keep fitness levels up.

  • Diathermy. Diathermy can relax muscles and connective tissue, decrease muscle spasms and speed up the healing process by increasing blood circulation.

  • Hydrotherapy. Chiropractors may provide hot baths, whirlpools, saunas or wraps, or hydrotherapy on your body to gauge your reaction to hot and cold stimuli. Cold stimuli can numb the pain, whereas hot stimuli can promote blood flow and faster healing.

These are some of the methods used by chiropractors to heal their patients, depending on their specific needs.