Exploring The Options Available For Explosion Isolation Valves

For many industrial environments, explosion protection is a must. As such, it’s important to understand the options available in terms of explosion protection valves.

Explosion isolation valves are used in a variety of industries to protect people and equipment from the effects of an explosion. These valves can be found in places like chemical plants, refineries, power plants, and even hospitals. 

The primary use of these valves is to protect people. If an explosion occurs, the pressure from the blast can cause injuries to people close to the source of the explosion. To install an eruption isolation flap valve in your industry, visit https://coopatex.co.uk/explosion-isolation/.

Explosion isolation valves are available in a variety of different types, styles, and sizes. Here is an overview of the most common types: 

– Double Acting: These valves have two separate openings that allow air and gas to flow independently. When one opening is opened, the pressure inside the valve causes the other opening to close. This type of valve is good for preventing large explosions from becoming uncontrollable.

– Single Acting: These valves only have one opening that allows air and gas to flow together. When one side is opened, the pressure inside the valve causes the other door to close. It is good for controlling small explosions.

– Relief Valves: They are used to release pressure when it becomes too high. They can be found on both double and single-acting valves and are usually identified by a curved arrow on top of the valve.