How to Choose a Migraine Doctor

For anyone who suffers from a medical condition, being under the care of the right doctor is as crucial as being given the proper medication. Migraineurs are no exception, much more so because migraine is a complex disease and could be very painful and debilitating when misdiagnosed or left untreated.

Migraine treatment can be done at different levels. The first time a patient decides to visit a doctor to treat the headaches, they usually go to their family doctor. Although family doctors are sometimes general practitioners of medicine, they are usually the ones patients feel most comfortable with. The family doctor is not the only person who can treat migraines. A migraine specialist should be consulted due to the nature of the condition.

One doctor who treats migraine patients is a neurologist. He specializes in brain conditions. Because he is a specialist, he can better diagnose the condition as he is more familiar with migraines and their various types. He is also up-to-date on all the latest treatments for brain diseases and can recommend the best one.

Neurologists may choose to only treat severe migraines, and not those with milder headaches, because the field is so specialized. To be on the safe side, it would be best to consult only those that are recommended by another trusted doctor, friends or other family members.