Make A Big Difference With These Semi-Precious Stones Gift Ideas

While diamonds are a girl's best friend, not everyone can afford them. Many semi-precious gemstones and stones are available around the globe that can make a woman elegant and sophisticated. These can be found in many countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Cambodia.

This article provides information about the most popular gemstones like march gem bloodstone as well as how to make them into beautiful gifts for your loved ones.

How they were created:

Amber is a honey-brown-colored gemstone that symbolizes joy and fortune. It is used to make beads for bracelets and necklaces.

Aquamarine is a seawater-colored stone. This gemstone is used to celebrate the 19th anniversary of marriage and also symbolizes honesty and loyalty. You can also use aquamarine stones in jewelry.

Coral – This is a natural substance that can be used to improve blood flow and digestion. It is often called the stone of hope and youth. Corals come in a wide range of colors from deep red to pale pink. It's often made into tiny beads.

Gemstones are formed from the fusion of minerals such as carbon, magnesium, and silicon. While some would take five years to form, others could take over a century to become a valuable piece of stone. The types of minerals are used to determine the color and strength of the gemstone.

Agate is considered a happy stone. Its color is a mix of red, tangerine, and off-white. It is a stable stone that brings prosperity and stability to your life. It is used to make mantel clocks, figurines, and other decorative items.