Must-Have Free Online Course for Affiliate Marketers

The top online marketing courses today are the result of a convergence of different experts, who had all experienced great things with their online marketing platforms. These experts had formed a committee to come up with a list of online marketing courses that are available today. The resulting list is comprised of free online marketing courses from some of the most respected and trusted online marketing platforms. These courses are not only designed to help marketers succeed with their online marketing endeavors but also to help interested marketers understand online marketing better. The courses are categorized into different segments based on the market that the online marketing course is meant to be geared towards:

The list here comprises free online marketing courses on a wide range of topics and disciplines, all related to digital marketing.

Available by Skillsoft.

Created by Buffer.

Topics include: What are social media sites? How do they work?

Coursera is an online course that is offered by the makers of Skype. It is ideal for marketers who do not have a base in the digital world and would like to explore it. The scope of the Coursera online marketing course is diverse, with everything offered to be targeted at beginners or intermediates who would like to expand their knowledge. The five modules that comprise the course are Marketing Basics, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, A Marketing Campaign, Business Skills for Internet Marketers, and The Core Skills. The course can be taken as a stand-alone course, or even as part of a larger program such as the "business skills for internet marketers" series that is offered by Skillsoft.

Buffer is a course that is popular among university students and other individuals who have some background in business and want to brush up on their digital marketing skills. The reason for the popularity of Buffer is that its modules are all organized in an interactive way, with each lesson ranging from 20 minutes to one hour long. Within the same module, there will be video lessons, written lessons, quizzes, and tests. As an added bonus, there will also be a forum where you can get help or ask questions, among others. This means that you won't have to wait until the next module comes out before you can use it.

Google Analytics is perhaps the most widely used web analytics tool available and is a must-have for anyone interested in online marketing. This skill level refers to people who know how to use Google Analytics properly. Topics in this skill level include site analysis, visitor behavior, advertising strategies and campaigns, and keywords. Of these topics, the site analysis and visitor behavior sections are more general, while the advertising strategies and campaigns are more specific, making them excellent choices for marketers looking for topics to teach. If someone has the chance to master this skill, it means they could very well make money from AdSense ads.

E-commerce platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace also need to be covered in digital online marketing courses. These platforms give marketers a chance to reach target customers, as well as generate a large number of followers. However, the forums and articles included in such courses may not always cover everything. Therefore, e-marketing marketers should consider carefully what topics they want to learn about before enrolling in any of these training courses.

Coursera and Wealthy Affiliate are two great courses offered online. Both of these offer detailed explanations of various topics and a strong foundation on digital analytics fundamentals. If marketers have problems with affiliate marketing, then they would do well to learn from the training provided by these courses. They could then go on to develop their own campaigns using these concepts and methods. Coursera and Wealthy Affiliate are both offered for beginners and professionals, and both courses are taught by veteran affiliate marketers.

Another popular free online course is Value Village's Affiliate Marketing 101. This course teaches valuable lessons on conversion rates, ad copywriting, PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing, website building, and web analytics. These concepts are essential in any successful affiliate marketing campaign. In particular, marketers should take note that website design is an essential aspect of generating revenue. A good website design could attract more visitors and subsequently increase sales. Learning about conversion rates from this course is definitely beneficial for beginners who are aspiring to create a lucrative career as affiliate marketers.