Solar Blankets: What To Look For When Buying

Solar covers will keep your pool warm enough for you to swim at night and in cooler weather. Whether you use fossil fuels or electricity to heat your pool, you can cut the cost of keeping your pool warm with the right solar pool covers. You can also buy the best swimming pool solar cover via

In addition, the solar pool cover is a green, reusable, recyclable product that does not contribute to environmental pollution.

Solar covers offer more insulation than swimming pool covers. A solar cover can cut your energy bill significantly by lowering your pool heating costs and even eliminating the need for a solar pool heater. Below are some things to look for when buying solar cover.

The thickness of the cover

The thickness of the solar cover usually varies from 8 mils to 16 mils. A thicker solar cover will mean a longer service life, as long as you follow regular care and maintenance. Thicker covers are also more resistant to chemical burns and sun wear than thinner ones, but they can still damage this product quickly if not cared for properly.

Size of the bubbles

The amount of air trapped between the top of the solar blanket and the water in your pool creates a barrier. This barrier is the bulk of your ceiling insulation; the more dead air spaces, the more effective the coating will be. 

Because convection currents are formed due to the heat difference between the air and water, you lose heat storage, so increasing this space has an advantage, but not in an effective ratio for changing bubble size.