bookmark_borderWhat To Look For In An Arbitrator

Although modern-day arbitration cases are not likely to unfold in the same way that the case of King Solomon and the baby, we can learn a valuable lesson from the fact that it took such a wise and skilled individual to deal with the case. There are many companies that provide the best alternative dispute resolution services.

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An arbitrators' job is to listen to the case and clarify the details, apply the law, and make a decision on who to award.

The following is a list of four traits that are particularly important to look for in an arbitrator:

Well-versed in the law- Since the arbitrator that you decided to use will be in place of a judge and jury he or she should be well versed in the laws that are pertinent to your particular case. 

Experience- After years of experience dealing with cases inside and outside of the courtroom a professional develops a stronger ability to apply the law to real cases, learns from past mistakes, and has a more refined ability to relate to clients and decide cases.

Rational- A good arbitrator works to understand the case and comes to a rational decision not based on emotional factors.

Honest- Sometimes an arbitrator will have clients that use his or her services more than once. If he or she were to make a decision based on wanting to keep their client happy that would be tantamount to accepting a bribe. A good arbitrator needs to be honest with themselves and honest with their clients.