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A blocked drain is caused due to a blockage in the drainpipe that is connected to your home via your toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can hire a plumber if you are facing the problem of blocked drains in Newcastle.

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The most typical cause for drainage becoming blocked comes from massive objects being flushed. Drains aren't designed to handle large objects like:

  • Sanitary Products

  • Baby Wipes

  • Block holders for toilet deodorant

Other reasons for blockages include tree roots. Tree roots make their way into pipes via the cracks or joints in pipes and through cracks in the wall of pipes.

What are the indications or signs?

There are a variety of sources of obstructions.

The water is filling up the shower. When you step from the bath do you start to see the water begin to disappear?

  • The toilet appears to fill continuously and takes a long time to allow the levels of water to return to normal

  • You're smelling bad and odors enveloping your kitchen, home, and bathrooms, or your laundry

There are a variety of causes of drainpipes getting blocked. The most frequent indications for a blockage in a drain pipe are

  • The water level increases when you faucet in the sink. Then, you come back after a couple of minutes and you can see the levels of water beginning to decrease

  • You flush the toilet, but the waste doesn't go away. You return a few minutes later and notice that the levels of water have only decreased by half

  • You go outside and see that there's an overflow