bookmark_borderWhat Does Botox Exactly Do?

Botox is actually an amino acid. It is actually only a tiny amount of a protein that is extremely pure. There's no bacteria present in a vial of Botox. 

The confusion is with the process by which Botox is created. The illness, Botulism originates from a bacterium that produces massive amounts of seven different proteins all at simultaneously. you can also visit this to get the best treatment of botox in Honolulu.

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What happens when Botox is injected? The Botox is spread around 1 cm. Anything that is spread over 1 cm is so tiny that it is unlikely to have a chance of happening whatsoever. Protein is, in turn, absorbed by the nerves within 1 centimeters of the injection area.

As of now the nerve is functioning and healthy, but it has lost the majority of the SNAP-25 proteins. Without the SNAP-25 proteins, the nerve is unable to know how to communicate with the muscle. The muscle is fine however it isn't receiving any signals through the nerve. Therefore, both rest and watch nothing happen.

Botox is only effective for the muscles beneath the skin, not on the skin itself. This is why Botox isn't able to rid yourself of wrinkles deep within your skin. Botox relaxes muscles and the skin isn't moved in the same way.