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Households are getting more crowded. Kids are moving back home and parents are moving in with their children. Because of this, something has to give.

If you're contemplating an expansion, you have options. Adding rooms and square footage to your home can be accomplished by finishing a basement, expanding the home horizontally with an additional foundation, or going up! Let's talk about the option of adding a second story to your home. Is it wise? Will it add value and appeal?

Before You Decide on Your Home Addition Strategy

Know your goal. Being clear about what it is you're after will guide your decisions. A good home-building coach can be a valuable contact for you. This industry professional will provide invaluable assistance and point out potential issues such as:



  • Placement & Displacement: Where will the second story be added? The placement of the addition can impact your lifestyle during construction. Where will you live for a few weeks or months? How will you handle the displacement?
  • Matching the Neighborhood: To maximize your home's value, you never want to overbuild. The best scenario is to stay under the size and square footage of the largest homes in the neighborhood.
  • Friendlies or Unfriendlies: Who will be living in the expansion? Who will be moving in? Before you design, it's critical to decide whether it's for additional close family members, parents that want privacy, or even renters that want their own entrance.

bookmark_borderCustom Exterior Doors – Hiring Custom Home Builders in Vancouver to Do the Job

Homeowners who have reached the pinnacle in their lives, careers, or businesses want only the best for themselves, their families, and loved ones. This applies to every aspect of their lives including their homes. Next to building a new and fully furnished home, such homeowners would choose to have home renovation or home remodeling jobs performed by custom home builders and general contractors.

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North Vancouver Laneway Gem

This requirement not only applies to the structure of the house itself but to other facets and elements included in the home, such as fixtures, furniture, and even doors. A shabby and dull-looking door would definitely not qualify to the taste and preference of these homeowners, who would only want the best for their homes.

The best way to achieve this is to have custom exterior doors built by custom home builders and door manufacturers that would fit in exactly to what the homeowner desires for his home.

As the name suggests, the term "custom" means the product is built according to the client's specifications and applications. He or she may want an exterior door that is sized or shaped according to a particular preference. Such sizes and shapes may not be a standard measurement wherein stock doors and fixtures could fit in quite easily. This would require a totally new door built to specifications by custom home builders and would be the ideal solution to the homeowner's requirements.

The Benefits of a Custom Exterior Door

There are two types of custom exterior doors that homeowners can choose from. The first one is a premade door built by a manufacturer that will be slightly altered to fit in with the design or preference of the homeowner. An example is a special color that is different from the stock colors that the manufacturer has. The second types of custom door are the one specifically built from scratch by custom home builders so it can fit in a non-standard size or shape required by the homeowner.