bookmark_borderWhy Do You Need Healthcare Fraud Attorney For Your Healthcare Firm

Healthcare fraud lawyers are being sought by more healthcare organizations to help them settle false claims and allegations against the institutes. These allegations can impact healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, home health care agencies, durable medical equipment firms, ambulance companies, and others. The federal government will freeze your account if it is suspected that the funds were obtained through fraudulent activity. Here is the time to hire a lawyer for healthcare fraud.

Healthcare scam attorneys have a wealth of experience in the areas of healthcare contracting, Medicare, Medicaid issues, risk assessment, grant review, and academic medical centers. They also have a lot to learn about billing, coding, and HIPAA. They are able to handle every case with success and will work closely with clients to understand the facts of each case. 

healthcare fraud attorney

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The professionals at law firms can effectively defend you and represent you, regardless of whether you are charged with insurance fraud or health care fraud. During audits that may include:

  • Submission of claims for services not rendered
  • Unwanted services
  • Multiple billings for the same service
  • False cost reporting
  • Double billing for the same service
  • Bribery in the exchange for services
  • Preparing false document

These fraudulent activities could result in doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals being sent to jail. Then, they may collect financial compensation from the provider of healthcare services. Even if you are not directly responsible for the crime you could be held responsible for it. 

However, a healthcare lawyer can defend individuals and businesses in administrative and criminal proceedings that arise from allegations or charges of fraud in the healthcare sector. Lawyers also negotiate the amount that the client must pay to cover any over-billing, over-payments, or penalties.