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Finally, the people of the pacific northwest are beginning to trust that summer is around the corner- and that the season for enjoying the outdoors and all the things that Oregon and Washington have to offer is about to begin.

For many people, this means doing things like camping, biking, fishing, rock climbing, and all kinds of other outdoor sports which the pacific northwest offers itself as a huge playground for. However in recent years, especially in the cities and suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington- there has been an increasingly popular activity taking place- inflatable games!

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These giant air-filled bouncy houses, massive inflatable slides, and enormous obstacle courses are filling local parks, back yards, and are commonly seen at countless company picnics. It is becoming hard to go to a party or event without seeing at least a bounce house in the summer months.

People are renting all kinds of Games

With so many of them available people can rent just about any kind of inflatable these days. Hundreds of options are offered to people seeking out these "must-have" party rentals.

The inflatable games industry started out with the classic bounce house- commonly known as a moonwalk. These days moonwalks, bounce houses, jumping castles and all other inflatables can come in a myriad of themes and shapes.

There are much more than just moonwalks out on the market these days though. Someone looking to rent inflatable games can find all kinds of great activities.

Giant inflatable jousting arenas, massive inflatable slides in a single lane, dual lane, and even triple lane options; obstacle courses that amaze the eyes, test the senses, and challenge even the most worthy of athletes; bungee runs, sumo wrestling, bungee bulls, rocky mountain climbing walls, gladiator domes, dodgeball arenas, airports, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.7