bookmark_borderAll About Mathematical Stages

Your older child may struggle with math or your younger child doesn't understand a concept in mathematics books. This could be due to them not having completed a mathematical stage. 

The natural development of a child’s thinking is represented by three stages in mathematics. Your child will have problems if a stage is missed while learning a mathematical concept. For strong mathematic fundamentals, you can also take the help of math textbooks.

The manipulative stage is the first stage of mathematical learning. It involves children using real objects to help them understand mathematical concepts. The manipulative stage is the foundation for all other math skills. Your child must learn math with real objects.

The manipulative stage is where a child observes and learns about:

There are many things to do.

  • The size of things

  • The shape of things

  • The pattern of many things

The mental image stage, which is commonly used in conjunction with the manipulative stage, is the next mathematical stage. It can be used until twelve years of age.

If your child claims they don't understand a math skill, likely, he cannot imagine the concept mentally. This problem can be solved by giving your child lots of manipulative practice so that he can easily switch between the manipulative and mental image stages in a math skill.

The abstract stage is the last. This stage doesn't require children to have a mental picture to comprehend a concept. They can comprehend the number 8 without having to see eight things in their minds. This stage is more common for upper mathematics courses such as algebra and geometry than elementary mathematics.

bookmark_borderCurriculum Content For Home-School Education

The support available to home-schooling is now greater than ever before. The curriculum has changed and home schooling has become more popular over the years.

The learning abilities of students were not considered. It was always a "one-size fits all" curriculum. This is where home schooling came in to help. To get The First Grade curriculum you can also look for the Popular Book Company (USA) Ltd

Complete Curriculum Success Grade 5 - Popular Book Company (USA) Ltd.

There are many options for homeschooling curriculum, from traditional textbooks to digital curriculum. The digital curriculum takes students out of the classroom setting and opens up new learning opportunities. It stimulates them in the following areas.

Independent Thinking

The traditional classrooms that are governed by state curriculums impede a child's ability for independent thinking. Complete Curriculum is a way for a child's progress. It creates an environment that allows custom textbooks to be made to suit the student's needs at the best level.


Complete Curriculum's education grade level content helps students to focus. Some students find smaller, more peaceful settings beneficial. Larger classrooms can be distracting and stressful for them.

Making decisions

This skill is difficult to learn in traditional classroom settings. The teacher and students are in control of the class and the schedule. This leaves no room for choice or decision-making.

Time Management

Traditional classrooms have a set number of days. Math happens at a specific time. Language Arts follows, then Language Arts and finally lunch. Home-schooling helps you to manage your time in academics as well as recreational activities.