bookmark_borderDoes The Oil Recovery System Work?

BP faces a daunting task in capping damage to the oil well but it's definitely not over. The good news is that BP officials are not giving up. Let's look at what they're doing to stop the growing leak of oil into one of the biggest oil disasters on earth.

Following the moment that immediately after the oil drilling rig was declared to be gone, engineers are trying to figure out a way to stop or limit at least temporarily the oil flow in the meantime until relief wells could be dug. You can get the best oil retrieval services from various online resources.

The engineers were hopeful that they could use the Oil Recovery System and would be able to complete the task. 

The concept of this Oil Recovery System has been developed over the years. The first design was constructed within Louisiana which was built off similar constructions that were used following the devastating hurricane Katrina. 

The initial design of the containment system was intended for wellheads that were used for shallow water. The Oil Recovery System is a massive 40-foot high box constructed of concrete that is designed to be lifted over a leaky well. 

It has an integrated funnel within the concrete box that will pump oil to the on-site Enterprise tanker, a gigantic vessel that lies at the surface of the water, in the process of collecting, storing, and transporting the oil to shore. The oil that is collected would be transported to a storage terminal.