bookmark_borderImportant Information About Plant Nutrients

While it is important to feed your plants regularly, but too much nutrient is not recommended. It is not an easy job to advise on fertilizing plants. Many factors can affect fertilization, including soil type, climate, and existing nutrients.

All plants require at least 17 nutrients to survive. Some nutrients are obtained from water, others from the air, and some from the soil. You can also get full information about nutrients for plants from

When a plant gets fertilized, nutrients are taken from the soil. Three nutrients are essential for plant fertilization. These nutrients are called primary nutrients and are known as potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Each fertilizer label has three numbers that indicate the number of primary nutrients it contains. 

Other factors that can affect the availability of nutrients include molecular form, solubility, and others. Premium fertilizers are essential for gardening and agriculture. These fertilizers, which are a group of nutrients called micronutrients, promote the healthy growth of plants just like primary nutrients. 

These nutrients are only needed in small amounts by plants. The best fertilizers are those that include a micronutrient package. Young plants that have been transplanted recently grow quickly. The roots of these plants are less developed than those of mature, established plants.