bookmark_borderPSLE Science Tips To Help You Improve Your PSLE Singapore Score

With the recent changes in the PSLE Science syllabus, it is important for students to understand the changes and prepare accordingly. These changes are aimed at testing the conceptual knowledge of the students rather than simply recalling concepts.

Here are some last-minute tips to crack your PSLE Science paper:

1. Instructional Keywords

In this year's PSLE Science paper, your child must be aware of instructional keywords, that'll help him/her answer the paper better. Keywords like "state" or "describe" require a broader answer, while questions beginning with "what" or "name" require a short answer.

If you want to know more about PSLE science books, you can also navigate this source: PSLE Science Guide Book & LISC Processes & Skills Handbook

By clearly determining these keywords, children can not only answer the questions correctly but also quickly.

2. Be Specific

While your child may know a concept well in detail, it should not force him/her to answer in a long-winded manner. Answering straight to the point in the PSLE Science paper will not only save time but also imply to the examiner that the concepts were correctly and clearly understood.

3. Using Keywords in your answer

While children often use words that they are comfortable with within their answers, they must be familiar with the language to be used in their PSLE Science answers. Keywords must be applied in order to ensure that maximum marks can be obtained wherever possible.

4. Revise your facts and concepts

While it is a given, students must revise their facts and concepts. This will not only help them understand and answer easy recall-type questions but also understand and answer complex scenario-type questions.