bookmark_borderBenefits of Adopting Agile Methodology

Unlike its predecessor, the waterfall model, Agile relies heavily on initial specifications and the appearance of the final product. Agility is all about agility. 

The mobile software development method is seen as a high revenue accelerator for product companies looking to bring great products to market on time. If you are interested to know more details about Agile methodologies then you can hop on to this website:

Let's take a look at the top benefits of agile development:

Market time

Leading ISVs enter the market earlier than their competitors, thereby gaining an edge over their competitors. If ISV wants to position itself at the forefront of its industry, the best way is to market its products early. 

Agile Development's key collaborative evaluation methodology shortens marketing time significantly.


With other software development models, the ability to make changes to the original specification can be very difficult due to its inherent nature. Inflexible development, flexibility is an important aspect that allows project managers and clients to change after initial planning.

High commitment

The agile methodology allows customer teams and product vendors to work as an integrated team with clear responsibilities and easily accessible change requests. A high level of cooperation is the main reason for the success of agility.

High quality

Engineering quality assurance is a central aspect of software development. Assurance of high-quality software is only possible through the integration of the QA team with the development team. 

These principles are integrated into a flexible development methodology. QA staff can carry out regular inspections during project development.