bookmark_borderImprovement Software that tracks safety compliance and environmental health in Australia

In Australia, Software that manages safety, health, and environmental compliance can be used to collect and control important regulatory data. These data include information about regulatory requirements, corrective actions, accidents and incidents, chemical and hazardous substances information, industrial hygiene assessment data, environmental emissions, and releases information.

Although the purpose of capturing this data is often to meet a regulatory requirement, companies who choose to implement and maintain a risk management application  as a solution for their organization should look at it from broader perspectives and consider how these systems can be used to drive continuous improvement within their company.

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Types of Continuous Improvement

There are many benefits to continuously improving your compliance software system by analyzing it effectively. These are some of the benefits that continuous improvement projects can bring:

  • A reduction in time needed to complete regulatory compliance-related tasks
  • Eliminating or reducing the use of dangerous chemicals or substances
  • Reduction in incidents and accidents
  • Reduced compliance violations
  • Accelerating the time it takes to bring new products to market
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Increasing community goodwill

Questions to Ask

The selection team must answer several questions when choosing a compliance management solution in Australia. These questions include:

  • What number of people will have to be able to access the system?
  • Which level of access do they require?
  • How scalable does the system have to be?
  • Is the system multi-facility?
  • Is the system multi-country? Will language translation and internationalization also be required?