bookmark_borderThese 3 Sur Ron Upgrades Make A Big Difference

One of the most popular electric bikes on the market in 2022 is the Sur Ron X. Some people would consider this motorized two wheel machine to be a bicycle, but others claim it is an electric motorcycle. Regardless of which camp you're in, one thing most consumers do agree on is the ability to improve the performance of this electric bike with a few Sur Ron upgrades.

One of the very first Sur Ron upgrades people consider are the handlebars. Upgrading the handlebars serves two purposes. The first benefit is installing a riser handlebar makes the riding position of the bike more comfortable since you'll be sitting more upright. The second benefit is you'll be able to pop a wheelie on the Sur Ron more easily because of the extra leverage you get with raised handlebars.

Matt from Juiced Joyrides made an in depth YouTube video showing all of his Sur Ron upgrades which total almost $2,000. The most significant and expensive upgrade he made to his 2022 Sur Ron is the BAC 4000 controller, which was about $1,000. This upgrade takes the bike from about 5000 watts up to 7000 watts, which makes the acceleration and top speed of the Sur Ron better.

Another popular way to increase the acceleration and ability to do wheelie on this electric motorcycle is to swap out the stock 48t sprocket for a larger 54t sprocket. The larger the sprocket the quicker you'll accelerate, but you'll lose speed on the top end. You can upgrade the size of the sprocket on your sur ron for less than $100 including the cost of the new chain you'll need.

Other popular Sur Ron upgrades include adding a better seat and better foot pegs. Each of these items are relatively affordable and offer better comfort on this electric bike. If you're trying to decide which Sur Ron upgrades you'd like to do next on your electric bike, you may benefit from watching the Juiced Joyrides video on YouTube showing the cost and benefit of each part.