bookmark_borderWhat To Look For When Purchasing A Swing Set ?

Having a swing in the garden is one of the joys of childhood. From simple swings to elaborate jungle gyms, ropes, and wave slides, this fun toy set provides kids with hours of outdoor fun. 

But not all swing sets are created equal and there are many angles in terms of construction and quality of materials to produce a very inexpensive set that doesn't compete with better-made sets. 

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When shopping for a swing or planning to design your own, there are several factors to consider to ensure your child is playing with the safest and most durable swing possible.

Decide in advance whether you want to use wood, metal, or plastic for your swing frame. Trees are the best choice for garden swings, but not all wood is the same. 

Metal swings are strong, but very few allow for added functionality, and most are permanently cemented to the ground. So when your kids grow up you have a unique eyeache in the garden that builds up rust. The plastic swing is simple, only lasts a few years, and has a very limited warranty.

Then measure the backyard carefully to determine how big the kit is and whether it fits your garden parameters. It's wise to provide a 6-foot buffer zone around each swing, and if you don't measure properly, you may have a kit that violates homeowners association guidelines or encroaches on neighboring or city property.