bookmark_borderHow the HTC VIVE Pro Eye helps shape the future of VR and eye-tracking

HTC released the VIVE Pro Eye – the company’s first VR headset with built-in Tobii eye-tracking. This development marked an important step in increasing the adoption of VR within commercial and non-profit sectors for training and research purposes. 

Eye-tracking within VR has the ability to revolutionize staff training by making it safer and quicker. The fact that it’s now more affordable makes it easier to scale. You may visit the VR Wave website to purchase the HTC VIVE pro eye.

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     What are the benefits of this combination of technology?

The combination of precision eye tracking with world-class graphics, high-end audio, and optimized ergonomics makes the VIVE Pro Eye incredibly versatile for research and training. 

Professional training and assessment are other areas in which VR with eye tracking can be enormously beneficial. With VR, you can train employees on dangerous tasks without any fear of consequences. You can practice skills without the need to halt operations or take machinery and equipment offline. 

Where is VR with eye-tracking headed next?

With eye-tracking inside VR now widely commercially available, Businesses and industries will start to realize the huge cost benefits of utilizing this technology to make their training safer and more efficient and streamline their processes. 

Businesses that are already using VR can expand this use to reap the benefits of eye-tracking data, while those already using eye tracking on their own will be able to expand their research into the virtual world.