The Spider-Man Comic Book

In today’s commercial world, it’s really hard not to know Spider-Man. And it doesn’t matter if you have school-age kids, if you’re in college or like me … you’re “as old as shit” we’ve all been exposed to, let alone a “superhero”.

But if he’s not a great superhero, why has his popularity increased since he was first introduced in 1962? Looks like we can’t get enough of it. 

Spider-Man has “special powers” – such as the ability to cling to any surface, a “spider-like” reflex that works up to 40 times faster than any normal person, and a strange spider feeling, a tingling sensation on the ground. back of the neck. to warn him of the dangers. But he’s also very human. You can also buy an interesting spider man comic book via called Bande dessinée spider man via in french).

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What other superhero you know who talks to himself misses appointments, catches the flu – when he has to fight, forgets to put a film on his camera (Peter is a photographer by trade), and even has trouble paying rent. And I believe these are the things that make him our favorite character. Because Spider-Man is a superhero who could be one of us.

But did you know it’s as popular as Spider-Man – that it started as a one-time experiment for a dying comic series that went out of print because Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief believed that people were excluded from reading about spiders.