The Ultimate Guide To Move-In/Out Cleaning

If you're just looking to hire a professional home cleaning service, there's no doubt about it – cleaning out your entire house before and after a move can be overwhelming. The ultimate guide to move-in/out cleaning has all the information you need to prepare for this process.

What Is A Good Move-In/Out Cleaning?

A good move-in/out cleaning is thorough and covers all the areas of a home. It should start with the walk-through, focusing on any areas that need attention. Once the walk-through is completed, the cleaning will move to specific rooms or areas. To get more information on how true move-in/out cleaning works visit at .


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All surfaces should be cleaned, including behind furniture, in cabinets, and on the floors. Windows should be vacuumed and dusted, and any appliances should be cleaned and/or replaced if necessary. Finally, any trash should be taken out and any plants put back in their pots.

A good move-in/out cleaning is thorough and leaves your home in the same condition as when you first moved in. It should include cleaning all surfaces, vacuuming all floors, cleaning all windows and screens, washing all curtains and furniture, and dusting all furniture. It's also a good idea to clean the inside of cabinets and drawers, clean the kitchen counters and appliances, and wipe down any surfaces that may have residue from food or drinks. 

The move-in/out cleaning is done by the landlord during the week or weekend. The tenant should be present to witness any damages, which may include canceled carpets, broken dishes, and even moldy walls. 


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