The Various Styles of Today’s Basketball Hoop

If your kids like sports, it is likely that your home has basketball hoops. If you don't have a basketball hoop in your garage or don't have the space to place one, you can get portable hoops. The unique 60-inch basketball hoop stands are made to last and come with a net and backdrop. 

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The basketball stand structure is usually made of aluminum, while the backboard is made from tough acrylic. The stand can also be adjusted in heights from 7 1/2 feet up to 10 feet. Standard stands are light enough to be easily transported for moving reasons.

There are different styles of the basket available that have wheels to make it easy to move. The costs for the portable basket stands are based on the various materials used for the construction along with the overall design and style product. 

They are a great option if you have several people in your home who play basketball. It's also an investment if your child is a member of the city or school team. The availability of a basketball in your home means that you can practice whenever you'd like.

The widths of the backboards on portable units can differ in terms of size. There is a 44-inch backboard up to 72 inches of the backboard, based on what you require and the amount you wish to spend. In addition to acrylic backboards, you can get eco-friendly backboards, for families who are committed to using environmentally green products. In the event that you own a vast yard, you could also buy basketball structures in the ground that are connected to a block of cement that is fixed to the ground.