Tips to Deal With Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a common problem that affects all homes eventually. Perhaps you have ever been in a shower where the water was slowly rising and submerging your feet. 

Blockage of drains is caused by an obstruction between the drain in your bathroom and the drain pipes it leads to. This is often caused by hair, dust, and other solid objects. You can Sign up for more information on the website page for your review related to drain services.

Blockages can be worsened by household products like shampoos, conditioners, and soaps. The blockage will eventually get denser and prevent water from flowing through your drain pipe smoothly.

There are many ways to get your pipes working again. There are many options available to fix blocked drains, provided that the obstruction is caused by hair or a simple material. 

A flashlight can be used to illuminate the sink trap if the blockage is located at one. If you can see clearly that the blockage is caused by accumulated hair, you might use a wire bent at one end to make it look like a hook or long-nosed scissors to remove the hair.

To clear a blocked drain, a toilet plunger can also be used. Make sure that the rubber cup of your plunger covers the toilet, sink, or tub. The plunger must be surrounded by plenty of water. 

The kinetic water ram is another tool for unclogging drains. The kinetic water ram can be used to unblock drains, even those that are far away. As long as the drainpipe has no water at the time the ram is being used, it will work.