Types of Luxury Underwear Fabrics

The manufacture of underwear and the development of technology and synthetic fabrics over the decades have brought a revolution in the design and production of underwear for men and women. Now we are seeing fabrics like never before. Fabrics that are finer than human hair, softer than silk, extremely resistant to wear and tear, offering moisture-wicking properties, as well as being antibacterial.

Much of this development has been driven by the demand for such fabrics, but also as a way to find alternative solutions that have less impact on the environment due to the collection of natural fibers.

Below are some of the most popular fibers and fabrics used in making underwear and their qualities.

Bamboo is fast becoming a popular choice of fabric for men’s and women’s underwear, as it is used for pants, bras, tops, and socks because it offers excellent properties. Most notable is the fact that bamboo is silky to the touch and has antibacterial properties, as well as being considerably more absorbent than cotton. For this reason alone, it makes it a great option for maternity underwear, as it will remove moisture from the skin very efficiently.

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So far, the fabrics we’ve reviewed strive to provide a natural feel as close to cotton as possible. However, there are many other synthetic fabrics used in the manufacture of underwear, such as microfibers, and many prefer the natural feel of cotton or cotton-like fabrics.

Microfiber is made up of synthetic polyester and polyamide fiber threads that are thinner than silk and very fine in their finish. Consequently, it provides a very fine, soft, and light feel. In addition, there are also fabrics called Micromodal and these are 40 times thinner than human hair, giving it a skin-to-skin feel.

So, as you can see, there are many types of fabrics available for underwear production, each with its own unique qualities.