What Are The Things That You Need To Know About Your Vehicles Exhaust System?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is extremely important. It greatly affects the performance of your car or truck, and it can also save your life by diverting deadly carbon monoxide fumes away from the vehicle. 

The Purpose of the Exhaust System

When the exhaust system is doing its job, you won’t even notice it. The main purpose is to divert exhaust fumes away from your engine and decrease their harmfulness. If those exhaust fumes are not being expelled properly, then it can lead to major deterioration within the engine compartment. Likewise, a build-up of carbon monoxide gas can be deadly if it starts seeping into the passenger cabin.

A well-running exhaust system will reduce your vehicle’s emissions and it can even improve your fuel economy. You can even Buy Holden Commodore VE & VF Exhaust System for Sale Online.

Exhaust System Components

There are four primary components to most traditional exhaust systems:

Exhaust Manifold – Connects to the engine and expels exhaust fumes away from the engine and into the other exhaust system components.

Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter will burn off and remove as many of the toxins as possible in your exhaust fumes, thus reducing air pollution and minimizing deadly carbon monoxide.

Muffler – The muffler minimizes the sound coming from your exhaust so that your vehicle runs as quietly as possible (unless you have a custom exhaust that you want to sound louder on purpose).

Pipes – Pipes connect the various exhaust system components to conduct the travel of the fumes, ultimately expelling out of the tailpipe at the back of your vehicle.