What Is Agile Methodology?

Agile methods allow for the development of a lengthy project of software development in shorter periods or even iterations. Iterations are a small amount of software that is created efficiently and accurately for test purposes. Iterations are also known as time-boxes since they depend on a set time frame. 

The time frame is typically different for different methods. The uniqueness of each agile method can be determined by the quantity of steps, tasks, and work products that are part of the process. Agile is a new methodology, which most of the people are starting to learn. If you are also looking to learn agile methods then you can also visit elearning800.com/methodology.html to learn it.  

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The method that is full of activities, steps and work items is typically called higher ceremony, while one that has fewer steps, activities, and work products is known as lower ceremony. Software developers with agile methodologies have the power to create the ceremony they desire by choosing tasks, actions and the outcomes of each project. 

XP also known as Extreme Programming – This is one of the most widely used agile techniques. According to XP programming, developers should choose agile practices that are based on specifications of the project they're working on. The XP recommends using extremely small iterations of seven to 30 days. Extreme programming is one of the methods with the least ceremony.