What To Do When Hiring A Public Insurance Adjuster

You might feel overwhelmed after your home is damaged by an emergency or similar event. You have so many tasks to complete and so much to stress about. 

A public negotiation company can help if the claims process is too complicated. If you have never hired one before you may be wondering how to find one who is trustworthy and will serve your best interests.


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Ask about payment when you call a public adjuster. Ask about the amount and how they plan to collect it. This is a red flag if they ask for money upfront or demand a certain amount before they can help you with your insurance claim. 

Move on to the next public adjuster. Reputable public adjusters will not ask for money upfront. They will typically request a percentage of your insurance claim as payment, but not a fixed fee.

Similar advice applies to the other side. Before you hire an adjuster promising you a certain amount from your insurance company, make sure that you review all facts regarding your case and your policy.

Public insurance adjusters should not force you to use a particular restoration or repair company for your house. This usually means that the adjuster receives a fee from the company for recommending their services. 

This is illegal in some states. In others, you will be told upfront if the adjuster receives kickbacks from repair companies. For more information, check with the state department of licensing.

You should not trust public insurance adjusters who cannot provide testimonials or references.